Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

refinishing kitchen cabinets

There may be no more cost-effective way to enhance the value of your home than by the relatively simple expedient of refinishing kitchen cabinets. Consider that quality kitchen cabinets have always been


Rooster Themed Kitchen Decor

rooster decor

Rooster themed kitchen decor is an enduring trend that is experiencing a renewal of interest, although it can hardly be said to have ever gone away. What is it about the rooster that makes it such an enduring


Disney Trading Pin Tips

disney mickey trading pin

An Interview with a Disney Pin Expert!

Hi everyone.  Most people who deal with collectibles realize that the Disney brand is huge.  People from all over the world have deep, nostalgic bonds with all


Random Acts of Kindness Stories

random acts of kindness day

How Can an Individual Change the World?
I've always like random acts of kindness stories, and today I had an interesting idea.  I thought it might be fun to change the world.  Want to help?

Let me


My Stop Complaining Challenge


Challenge yourself today to stop complaining.  That may sound like a simple thing, but give it a try.  You might be surprised to realize what has been coming out of your mouth on a daily, consistent


How Do You Use Your Imagination?


There are many different schools of thought on how we should go about achieving our goals. Lately I've been considering the idea that using our imaginations in a more productive way might be a good idea.


Starting Today

choose a path

Starting today you can put your life on an entirely different path. With just one or two baby steps, you can set your feet firmly on a positive path that could eventually take you to the places you've