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This is a blog about life.  It is a blog about home and pets and collectible things and all of us living  better, happier lives.  I can’t promise that everything I write will be profound or life changing, but I hope that you will find some useful lifehacks and information that you can use in your life.  There are bundles of interesting topics to talk about and they pop in to my mind all through the day.  I hope they’ll help you out or maybe make you smile.  I’m not a famous blogger yet, but I’m going to give this a shot!

Update:  This little blog underwent some changes recently.  Some friends and family decided to join me on this blogging adventure!  They moved the posts they had previously had on their own blogs over to this one.  We thought it might be fun to create on large “framily” type of blog and see where it goes.  We hope you like it!

House and Home

What is it that makes where you live a home? People live in all sorts of different places, but the feeling of “being home” is something that we all experience and crave. It doesn’t matter what the actual building looks like, our home is a place we’ve connected with on a deeply personal level. For some people, home is a safe harbor where they can find refuge from the outside world. For others, home is about sharing their living space with the people they care about most in the world.

A home is a place that we can make fit our personalities. As we do this, we often find ourselves changing a bit too as we find a favorite room or a favorite shady spot under a tree we planted years before. We learn to share and adapt to the likes and dislikes of our family members. Some of us like to move from place to place, but we do our best to take the feeling of home with us wherever we go. I personally have grown very comfortable in my home. It is the place I like to be the most. My family is here. My best memories are here too.

The topics I’ll write about here are mostly practical ones. You know, the stuff that comes up when you own a home. Things need fixed. Sometimes they need replaced. When you grow up and find that you are suddenly the one in charge of making sure that “stuff” works, you learn some things out of necessity. No one plans on a furnace breaking down or wind tearing off parts of the roof. It’s just stuff that happens. You learn, you adapt, and you overcome. That’s what happened when I learned how to get rid of mice in your house.


I love having pets.  I’ve lived with dogs, birds, hamsters, snakes, fish, ferrets, frogs, over-sized millipedes, hermit crabs and fiddler crabs, and even a salamander.   No cats yet, but maybe someday.  I know that some people think that pets are too much of a pain in the neck to bother with, but I really enjoy them and my kids always have too.  Pets are great memory makers and I’ve always found that dogs are some of the best listeners in the world.  Some people may think I’m nuts, but I’ve had times when I’m almost sure that my dogs can sense exactly what I’m feeling.  That’s when they’ll come up and just sit next to you without expecting anything except maybe a scratch or two behind the ears.

Owning pets is a responsibility though.  If you don’t want that responsibility, then you definitely shouldn’t ever bring a pet into your house.  They need things, and sometimes those things do cost money.  Mostly they require your time and patience though.  I am definitely a dog lover.  Right now we’ve got two dogs, and I’ve had at least one dog in the house for most of my life.  I’ve even gone through having 10 puppies and a mama dog in the house.  THAT was a very interesting, but fun experience.  If you are going to own pets, you’ve got to take the time to learn how to take care of them.  Dog lovers might enjoy reading about how to stop puppy biting.  This is especially important if you have little kids running around the house too.

Health and Fitness

When I was younger, I didn’t give a whole lot of thought to health and fitness.  I guess some people do from the time they’re very young, but I really didn’t.  Now that I’m climbing into middle age, I find that the topic is getting more interesting to me on a daily basis.  I can’t complain about health issues really, but I have always struggled with weight issues.  The one thing I’ve found that works for me is cutting way down on carbohydrates, so I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts on that topic, but I have also found that I just feel a heck of a lot better when I get up and move.  I think if more people realized how much better they would feel with even a little bit of daily exercise, there would be a lot less weight related health issues to deal with in America.  I’ve got to admit though, I have had many times when I’ve fallen back into bad eating habits.  I’m actually about to climb back onto the healthy eating and exercise wagon though, so I’ll be sharing my low carb shopping list along with some tips that have helped me in my quest to get and stay in a shape other than an oval.

Family and Self

Do you ever wonder about your relationship with your family and your “self”?  I suppose that sounds strange, but I think that we sometimes lose touch with our inner self when we have a growing family.  Who has time to sit and meditate when the kids have toblog about life be at a practice, the dog needs walked, and dinner hasn’t been made yet?  And what the heck is happening to those teenagers who were just so cute and lovable a year or two ago?  Did you suddenly get stupid or is it something else that is causing them to roll their eyes at you every time you open your mouth?  I started out as a psych major years ago, and although my path veered a bit from that initial interest, I’ve never lost my passion for learning about how we get along with others while we work to get the most out of ourselves.

Vintage and Collectibles

I’ve always been a big fan of collectibles.  Ever since I was a kid and my dad gave me a big old box of hand me down baseball cards, I’ve been fascinated with collecting.  I was the kid who actually took care of his Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars.  No smash up derbies for me.  I’d run time trials on those yellow pieces of track that you pushed together and figure out which of my cars was the fastest.  When I got older, I started looking for way to earn money online.  That led me to selling things on eBay.  I started digging and researching what sells on eBay, and I eventually climbed the eBay ladder to reach Powerseller status.  I did that by searching out collectibles that people like to buy.  I’d find items at garage sales and estate sales, and then I’d resell them online.  I thought it might be fun to share a little bit of what I learned in my years of selling thousands of vintage collectibles on eBay.  Maybe I can help you to get a few bucks for things that are sitting in your attic! Start out by reading this little piece about Disney trading pins.

My Home Life Blog

If you’d like to see that latest things I’m writing about, please be sure to visit my Home Life Blog.  I’ll be updating it regularly.  Thanks for visiting.  I hope you’ll stop back often!

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