Check Out Our New Example of a Blog!

Things change.  That is especially true in this age of the Internet.  Blogs come and go.  People get excited about building a website, and then sometimes, they lose interest.  Well, my interest in blogging hasn’t waned, but I do feel the need for a change.  I feel that it’s time to move on from Home Life Nuggets.  We’re not going away though.  I’m excited to announce that we’re moving our blog to a new site. Home Life Nuggets started out mainly as a blog about home. Over time, it evolved. That is to say, my interests expanded, and we combined with some other existing blogs that covered a wide variety of topics. Lately, I’ve felt like we’ve moved away from our “home blog” roots. I actually like this direction, but I want the name of the blog to make sense. Therefore, we’re moving to a new site called Example of a Blog.

The new site will eventually have all of the current content found on Home Life Nuggets along with regular doses of new posts. A new twist will be that Example of a Blog will also spend some time looking at the state of blogging today. We’ll discuss the hows and whys of blogging as well as the nuts and bolts of building a blog that gets seen by its target audience. I don’t profess to be the ultimate expert on blogging, but I’ve built a few websites in my time and I enjoy the learning process involved with developing a new website.

If you are a regular visitor to Home Life Nuggets, I hope you’ll take a minute to visit the new site. If you just happened to find this site by accident, why not check out Example of a Blog to see what we’ve got going on? We hope to see you at the new site!

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